Custom Car Tags are available in five different materials: 6-Ply Card, .030" White Plastic, and three thicknesses of Polyethylene. License Plates are 12" x 6", with round corners and slots punched. Choose any of our standard colors. If two or more colors are used, the colors printed should have good contrast for best readability.

An additional $20 non-refundable artwork layout charge must be paid before work can begin.

5% Off Special: Buy At least $250 of another product, and take 5% off the prices of these Car Tags up to a quantity of 1,500!

School car tags
School Car Tags
Custom car tags
Custom Car Tags

Car Tags
Quantity 50 100 250 500 750 1,000 1,500 2,000 3,000 5,000
6-Ply Card, One Color 2.93 1.56 1.03 .63 .50 .42 .35 .29 .24 .22
White Plastic, One Color 4.12 2.23 1.48 1.12 1.00 .94 .88 .79 .65 .59
.015" Polyethylene, One Color 3.64 2.06 1.21 .79 .65 .58 .51 .44 .37 .32
.023" Polyethylene, One Color 4.10 2.21 1.46 1.03 .82 .78 .71 .59 .49 .45
.035" Polyethylene, One Color 4.68 2.60 1.79 1.31 1.20 1.04 .93 .83 .76 .65
.055" Polyethylene, One Color 4.94 2.71 1.82 1.53 1.37 1.35 1.25 1.08 .96 .88
Each Additional Color 2.12 1.10 .58 .34 .27 .22 .15 .12 .09 .07


High Volume Special

In quantities of 250 and more, we have a high volume Car Tag special.
See our special on 250 plastic car tags, in a thick size of .40 Mil. Even cheaper on larger volumes.
For details visit: Personal Car Plates
We also feature License Plate frames. For details visit: License Plate Frames

Diamond and Chrome Finish Car Tags

Chrome Finish Car Tags Diamond Finish Car Tags
Car Tags
Specialty Car Tags 50 100 250 500 750 1000 1500
Chrome Finish .030" Plastic, One Color 8.39 5.71 3.14 2.09 1.73 1.49 1.29
Diamond Finish .030" Plastic, One Color 9.00 6.56 3.90 2.76 2.38 2.12 1.87
Each Additional Color 3.04 1.71 .92 .49 .34 .27 .19

Chrome Finish Car Tag Diamond Finish Car Tag Chrome Car Tag

Full Color Car Tags

Full Color Car Tag

Full Color, 4-color process car tags are available on standard stock photo backgrounds. The additional color charge is for another color of the printed text.

Full Color Car Tag
4-Color Process 250 500 1000 1500 2000
.035" Polyethylene 3.62 2.64 1.93 1.58 1.40
.055" Polyethylene 3.79 2.91 2.21 2.02 1.74
Each Additional Color .58 .34 .22 .15 .12

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Custom Car Tag Advertising:
Super Name Identification

Advertising using personalize car tags works when your name or company product is flashed many times upon the mind of the consumer. After your name is impressed upon the mind several times, the person soon memorizes your name. Once that is achieved, you become a familiar name they are comfortable with. They will prefer a familiar name over the not well know, almost every thime. They will choose your product or vote for your candidate because they are familiar with the name. Advertising by means of name imprinting by yard signs, bumper stickers, bumper magnetic, magnet signs and other means have proven to be one of the cheapest means available to get inside the mind of your customer. Use personal car tags for a long lasting cheap advertising campaign.

Personalized Car Tags

Keep your message moving with these License Plates and Frames. Personalized license plates are a perfect way to promote car rental agencies, dealerships, radio stations, real estate firms, universities and more.

Our Polyethylene Personalized Car License Plates are flexible and super-durable. Will not crack, chip or peel, even in cold weather. A great way to promote school spirit, car dealerships and much more. Low minimum order of 50 license plates.

5% Special! Buy $250 of any product like tags or personalized license plates, and take 5% off our already low prices of any of the following:

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