Real Estate Sign Frames

Folding Frame

Real Estate Frames - Portable Sign Post Style
Folding Frame 18H x 24W x 30" Tall $30.75
Folding Frame 24H x 18W x 30" Tall $30.75
Folding Frame 24H x 24W x 30" Tall $32.75
Folding Frame 24H x 36W x 30" Tall $36.75
Folding Frame 36H x 24W x 40" Tall $40.75
All Quantities in multilples of 2. Order 10 or more and receive 10% discount. Call for Quote

Folding Frame

Strong and sturdy for years of dependable use. Designed with a hinged top so that the unit will fold up flat for storage and transport. The frame has a convenient carry handle welded on to the top for portability. An attached chain limits the distance the frame can open. Attached sign panels bolt in securely.

30" Tall Frame (fits signs 18H x 24W)
30" Tall Frame (fits signs 24H x 18W)
30" Tall Frame (fits signs 24H x 24W)
30" Tall Frame (fits signs 24H x 36W)
40" Tall Frame (fits signs 36H x 24W)

Sold 2pc/carton for UPS shipping

Tent Frame

Tent Frame

These lightweight portable units are manufactured from solid 3/8" round rod steel. The frame has a built in carry handle and folds flat for storage. This unit is designed to hang a panel from the center of the frame, allowing printing on both sides of a single panel. When the wind blows the sign panel will swing in the center so that the frame will not blow over. This is an easy to carry real estate sign post.

Price: $19.50. (Add a $20 below-minimum fee for orders smaller than 10 frames.)

Lite Folder

Lite Folder

This handy little unit is designed to be very lightweight and easy to handle. Weighing in at only 5.5 lbs, this units is easy to transport and move from location to location.

The frame is made from a strong, yet light, 1/2" angle iron. This unit comes with a nice welded on carry handle and an attached chain to limit how far the frame will open. This unit is hinged at the top to allow it to fold flat for storage and transport.

These units are a SLIDE-IN style version, no nuts or bolts are needed, just drop your sign panel in and you are done!

28" Tall Frame (fits signs 18H x 24W). This is a very light real estate sign post.

Price: $21.50. (Add a $20 below-minimum fee for orders smaller than 10 frames.)

Flex Frame

Flex Frame - Real Estate Sign Posts or Business Signs

These wind resistant frame is designed to "Flex" in strong gusts of wind, returning to an upright position. Strong springs are welded on to the base to ensure years of dependable use. The frame will knock down for storage and transport.

The legs detach from the main body for storage and shipping. The sign panel drops in from the top and is secured with set screws, no drilling is needed. All hardware is included for assembly.

Sold Individually

Size: 36" x 24"

Price: $165.00





Poly Frame
Sidewalk Sign Frame Sidewalk signs or A Frame signs

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