Promotional Airplanes 

Add an element of summer fun to any event with promotional airplanes. Custom print your name or message on a fun promotional give-away. Our promotional airplanes can be flown indoors or outdoors.

We offer a huge selection of:

Promotional Airplanes - Penny Paper Glider

Penny Paper Airplanes

Paper Airplanes

Choose from:

  • Glider Airplane shaped in a classic, smooth flying glider form.
  • DC-10 Jet – Wings and tail section of the DC-10 are easily assembled .
  • Traditional are shaped like the classic paper airplanes.
  • Elliptic are ideal for the travel or airplane enthusiast.
  • Military style allow for many hours of fun, promotional use.
Promotional Airplanes - 8-inch Balsa Glider

Wooden Balsa Gliders

Wooden Gliders

Individually packaged in sealed poly bag. Available in different sizes and styles:

  • 8″ are perfectly proportioned gliders designed for maximum fly-ability. All parts smoothly machined – no die-cut parts.
  • 9″ are a sleek “air superiority” flyer with printed tail surfaces and pilot canopy. Easy to loop and soar.
  • 12″ is a super smooth flying glider with the lines of a high flying soaring plane.
  • Wooden Motor Plane with 12″ wing span are complete with a durable propeller and elastic motor.
  • Stock designs are also available.
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