Personalized Bookmarks

These two-sided stock design bookmarks are an inexpensive way to advertise your company or business. We offer many preprinted full-color designs. Choose a design and add your custom imprint.

Printed on 16 pt. board stock and coated on one side.

Imprint your personalized information on these full color bookmarks for inexpensive but effective advertising. These are great promotional items for libraries, police and fire departments, schools, doctors and dentists, political campaigns and so many other organizations – help promote a message along with your advertising. Stock designs include full-color designs and messages about Breast Cancer Awareness, Emergency Safety Tips, School Bus Safety, Dealing with Bullies, Stroke and Heart Attack Symptoms, Internet Safety, US Presidents, Political, Floral, Financial, Travel, Dental Hygiene, Environmental, Inspirational and Seasonal. Perfect for direct mailings!

You can also create your own custom design Bookmark too. And to create a more personal Bookmark, we can also do the following stock shape Bookmarks: Circle, House, Paw, Heart or Star. And of course our Standard shape is Rectangular.

Size of each bookmark is 1-7/8″ wide x 6″ high.   Custom Breast Cancer Awareness Bookmark   Breast Cancer Awareness Personalized Emergency Safety Tips Bookmark   Emergency Safety Tips   Custom Dealing with Bullies Bookmark   Dealing with Bullies Wholesale Stroke Symptoms Bookmark   Stroke Symptoms   Personalized Internet Safety Bookmark   Internet Safety United States PresidentsPersonalized Bookmark   US Presidents   Floral Personalized Bookmarks   Floral Financial Custom Bookmarks   Financial   Travel Custom Bookmarks   Travel Holiday Snowflake Personalized Bookmarks   Holiday Snowflake   Dental Hygiene Personalized Bookmarks   Dental Think Green Custom Bookmarks   Think Green   Custom Printed Bookmarks   Custom Printed Bookmark

Custom Heart Attack Symptoms Bookmark   Heart Attack Symptoms
Political/Patriotic Wholesale Bookmarks   Political
Thank You Wholesale Bookmarks   Thank You
Halloween Wholesale Bookmarks   Halloween Safety Tips
Custom Stock Shape Bookmarks   Stock Shape Custom Bookmarks

Inspirational Bookmark
Personalized Inspirational Bookmark

School Bus Safety Rules
Personalized School Bus Safety Rule Bookmark
Bookmarks are a cheap advertising tool for almost any business, campaign or event. Use bookmarks as an inexpensive promotional tool for libraries, auto dealers, newspapers, book stores, banks, police departments, fire departments, clubs, restaurants,  schools, organizations, retail stores, hospitals, medical offices, dental offices, insurance companies and more. Distribute as giveaways, donations, thank you gifts.

Quantity Bookmarks 250 500 1000 2500
Bookmark 0.63 0.38 0.32 0.26

An additional $10 non-refundable artwork charge must be paid before work can begin.

We also offer Seeded Paper Bookmarks with Recipes and other Seeded Paper Bookmark products.


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