Here are just a few pictures sent in by our happy customers who have purchased their promotional advertising products from us. We offer many custom imprint products to advertise your business, organization or event. We would love for you to become one of our many happy customers too!

 Dr. Baity with Marriage Amendment SignsMichelle with Marriage Amendment Signs Woo!!! The yard signs got here!!! They look absolutely great! We are very pleased with the quality. Thank you all so much for the work y’all put into them.
Billy Joe Shaver with Tina Canary

Customer Live Forever Bumper Stickers

 Billy Joe Shaver with Tina Canary
 New Bumper Stickers Terri, I love my new bumper stickers….
but when I said 3 and a half by eleven…I meant FEET not inches.  New Bumper Stickers Are Too Small!
 Elvis Pretzel Have You Seen Elvis Pretzel?

Have you seen Elvis Pretzel?

Here’s a company that specializes in Frisbee golf (plastering boss’s truck with bumper magnets)
Marshall Street Disc Golf  Leicester, MA 01524
 Frisbee Golf Bumper Magnets
 Fund Raiser with Christmas Signs Zach and Evan raised $126 EACH for camp with 50 Christmas signs and stands.
Zach is going to use his money for Camp Winshape and Evan is using his for Centrifuge (a camp sponsored by Lifeway Christian ).  Both Christian based camps.

We are ALL excited!

 Using Christmas Signs as Fund Raiser


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Bumper Sticker – Manufacturer your own

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Customize and make your own campaign bumper sticker. We help you custom design your campaign bumper stickers, and magnet stickers. Create personal campaign decals and make quality design bumper decals at cheap campaign prices. Our bumper sticker printer provides speedy service for removable political bumper decals and for bumper sticker magnetics. We specialize in election bumper sticker magnets, designer decals. From a conservative bumper sticker printer.

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