20-Stick Foil Cover Matchbooks

Foil Cover MatchbooksFor a premium look that won’t break the bank, custom print on 20-stick foil cover matchbooks. 20-stick matches with a foil cover make for a great marketing tool for restaurants, bars, clubs, political candidates, and many other businesses.

Packed in cases of 2500 matchbooks. Minimum order is one case, or 2500 books.

Black print on Silver or Gold Foil.

Quantity 2500 Books
1 Case
5000 Books
2 Cases
10,000 Books
4 Cases
25,000 Books
10 Cases
50,000 Books
20 Cases
Black on Silver or Gold Foil $162.80 per Case $137.78 per Case $121.50 per Case $107.80 per Case $105.70 per Case
Silver or Gold Foil on Black
$178.53 per Case $150.98 per Case $135.75 per Case $119.70 per Case $117.60 per Case

An additional $50 non-refundable artwork layout charge must be paid before work can begin.

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