Sign Stakes for Yard Signs

A wonderful alternative to “H” wire stands, these plastic sign stake stands are made from high density plastic, reinforced with fiberglass and manufactured with a minimum of 90% recycled materials. These stakes are designed to flex under wind load. Plastic Stakes have a simple, arched design incorporating a step for ease of installation. These plastic sign stands won’t rust, have no sharp edges and don’t have any oil which can be found on H wires. Plastic stakes are a “green” alternative to conventional steel wire stakes. They have less weight than steel and therefore and cost less to ship. Available in black only. Minimum order is 50 stakes and shipped in multiples of 50 or 150.

Yard Sign Stakes and Stands
Plastic Sign Stakes
These Plastic Sign Stakes are re-usable again and again. Recommend for reoccurring or longer term use. They are considered to be of a higher quality than the wire stand counter part. For example, they will withstand wind much better. They will bend slightly with the wind and bounce back. They are 24 inches tall and 10.5 inches wide.

Price per Stake

Quantity Black
50 $1.24
150 $1.04
450 $0.93
1000 $0.82

Wire Stands
Most popular are (6 X 24), and (10 X 24)

For wire stands (6 x 24), cost is 57 cents. (Special)
For (10 x 24) 10 cost is 67 cents each.
For (10 x 30) 10 inches wide X 30 tall, cost 75 cents each.

For smaller signs like 12 x 24, the 6 x 24 stands are the most popular and work great. A taller sign stand is more in line with a drivers line of sight and therefore more effective.

Note the sign industry is moving towards using shorter wire stands. The shorter wire stands cost less due to less steel, and shipping charges are also significantly less. 6 x 24 are the most popular choice. We still stock the popular standard 10 x 30 wire stands. Also beware of cheaper made wire stands from China. They are cheap in price and in quality. The break at the wells very easily. Before ordering wire stands from any one, ask where they are make and save yourself grief by avoiding the China made wire stands.

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