Advertising and running a business go together and advertising comes in all shapes and forms, including the use of promotional products. Business owners often ask the following questions: Are promotional products worth the expense? Why use promotional products when there are in fact so many other advertising choices available? Let’s take a look at some solid facts on the use of promotional products:

1. Everyone Likes Something for Free

Everyone likes to get something free, and that’s exactly what promotional products are; free giveaways to customers and potential customers. They don’t need to be expensive products because more often than not, usability is more important that monetary value. People like getting product they can use, even if they aren’t expected to pay for them.

2. Long Lasting Impact and Exposure

Studies have shown that roughly 58% of people who receive promotional products keep those products from 1 to 4 years or more. Let’s say a person only uses a promotional product you gave them once a week. In a year, your brand has made 52 impressions on them, and on anyone else who has seen the advertising on the product.

3. Turbo Charge Marketing Campaigns

Do you want to increase the number of referrals your company or your brand is getting from a marketing campaign? Promotional products can be powerful incentives. A recent study revealed that when a free promotional product accompanied a referral the number of referrals received increased by 500%.

4. Connect On a Personal Level

Now, more so than ever before, consumers expect businesses to connect with them on a personal level, and promotional products can make this a whole lot easier. When you give someone a free product which they actually like and can actually use, you are connecting with them in a way which you cannot do with other forms of advertising.

5. Encourage Brand Loyalty

If someone supports your brand, and you show your appreciation by giving them something for free, they will be far more likely to continue supporting your brand. Let’s say you take your kids to a local restaurant, and while you are there, your kids each get a toy they actually can play with, or they get a cool looking t-shirt or baseball cap. The next time you take them for a meal at a local restaurant, are you going to take them back to the same place, or the place next door that never gives anything away for free? The chances are, you will visit the same restaurant again, not because you are expecting anything, but only because of that one solitary gesture the last time you were there.

In the above paragraphs, we have only looked at 5 reasons why you should use promotional products, but there are in fact many more reasons. They all boil down to the same thing; promotional products are good for business.

Why Use Promotional Products

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